The Learning Pyramid

The Learning Pyramid shows us that the Greatest Methods of Learning Retention are at the Base of the Pyramid. This is achieved through Discussion Groups, Practice-By-Doing Activities, Sharing Ideas and Teaching Others. This is the method that Life Wisdom Institute uses in its Wisdom Teaching Outreach to the public. It’s wonderfully effective in achieving a deep understanding and transformational learning.


Simple * Unexpected * Concrete * Credible * Emotional * Story

Life Wisdom Institute also uses the SUCCES formula developed by Chip and Dan Heath, authors of the exciting book, Made To Stick. This formula helps us creates educational messages that are memorable and effective—they “stick.” They are Simple (core ideas), Unexpected (arouse curiosity), Concrete (practical), Credible (offering evidence), Emotional (a heart or caring factor), and usually contain a Story (everyone loves a good story!) They are remembered, attractive and enjoyable, and thus the Wisdom Teaching in them can reach a person, have a good effect, and Learning is increased!

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